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A good blog/site for details on the monthly youtube video –

But also this article has the specific product suggestion pages

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UK Microsoft 365 club – 14Mar2018

#UKMicrosoft365club14Mar2018 @ etc.venues – Westminster Bridge – County Hall

[Last event i attended was in September 2017]

Host Levente Nagy/Microsoft

Reminder from Levente – If you do not have access to the dedicated Yammer group, email

Before we started Brett encouraged us to download a couple of apps to be introduced after lunch

Levente started with digital transformation 

⁃ Covering trends in the workplace, worker styles and employees moving from routine to creativity

⁃ Microsoft 365 – unlocks creativity, built for teamwork, integrated for simplicity and intelligent security.


First up was Dinesh from BAT, responsible for IT in E.M.E.A.

⁃ (About us)

⁃ Worked with Marketing (message) and introduced self-serve (empowering users)…

⁃ Every user upgraded themselves

⁃ Driving user adoption 

⁃ Includes “top 5 productivity hacks” (think tips, trips and traps)

⁃ Perfect role for Graduates, right skills, excellent all round experience.

⁃ “Users have gone crazy for PowerBI”

⁃ Gamification- could add “badges” to profiles etc 

⁃ Microsoft stream has been useful

⁃ Success – bill of materials 

⁃ Session ended with a Q&A

10.46 – Beth MD (Behavioral Architect)

⁃ Beth offered some clarity that sharepoint (used to share) onedrive (used for own)

⁃ Some troublesome facts 

  • Behavior change is discretionary
  • it’s not about I.t.
  • Adoption takes time!

11.15 – National Grid (Susan Shaw and Ian Balfour)

– meet National Grid 

⁃ Started with a vision statement, drove conversation about how to use these new tools

⁃ Project sponsored by CIDO…

⁃ 24 new office 365 champions identified to drive change (220+) engaged in workshop – build adoption change network

⁃ where do you see the greatest challenge for introducing new ways of working…

⁃ 4 key behavioral changes 

⁃ Linked adoption to the business excellence/ efficiency teams to help drive business take up.

⁃ (Ian Business change person)

⁃ 6 sigma (downtime) what is lean? MUDA

⁃ So what…

⁃ Lessons learned

⁃ Exploit, adoption, no silver bullet, not possible without top down

⁃ Does not end – evergreen

⁃ 11.20 – Q&A

⁃ 11.30 – Microsoft 365 demo

⁃ (Including capability update & demos)

⁃ <Dan> demonstrated a day in the life of Megan – who had accidentally deleted some files…

⁃ Onedrive – self-serve file restore

⁃ Spam – Microsoft global security…

⁃ 12.00 – Astra Zeneca and teams

⁃ Rachel Calthorpe – IT Apprenticeship

⁃ Collaboration team

⁃ Simplification theme

⁃ Business drivers

⁃ – lots of emails cc’d

⁃ Documents/files and tools all over the place

⁃ Mobile – something reliable, secure and quick to use – connecting the right people instantly.

⁃ Leveraging Microsoft fastrack service

⁃ If it’s in teams – will respond there and not via email, all need to be in it…

Product manager for teams – Kerri Hollis

⁃ We just won and award .. new features (enterprise connect – watch on demand later) 

⁃ Enterprise voice for the cloud 

⁃ Customer success kit…

⁃ Resources…

13.30 – accessibility in Microsoft365 with Brett Johnson – TSD, Accessibility in Modern workplace

⁃ Soundscape, seeing AI

⁃ Accessibility 

⁃ Introduction to Windows 10 contrast controls 

⁃ – Win +<CTRL>+C

⁃ PowerPoint inserting pictures, shows design ideas and provides <alt text>

⁃ MS Word, settings, proofing, gramma

⁃ View menu then “learning tools”

⁃ Onenote, learning tools – add-in

⁃ Translate

⁃ Demo followed where we used the translator app which processed showed in real-time a translation into the language of your choice.

14.00 – engie

⁃ Jonathan and Brian (business customers, knowledge management)

⁃ Critical success factors 

⁃ Executive support & charter 

⁃ Knowledge managers and adoption champions (more technical)

⁃ Success stories (idea to use drone in chimney assessments, asset h/w spare parts, executive realization)

⁃ Individual recognition and reward drives behavior change.

⁃ Specific Yammer o365 support groups for each Microsoft application/production – mainly supported by business users and not I.T.

⁃ Lessons learned 

⁃ When & what to use 

⁃ CSF 

⁃ 14.12 – Q&A

15.00 – M.O.J. (⁃ Peter Hanney – lead EUCS architect)

⁃ Focus on the how

⁃ 4 strategic priorities (see slide…)

⁃ End User Computing Solutions = ppa- personal productivity apps

⁃ Cookie cutter approach

⁃ Comms message, general awareness communication, branded message

⁃ Multiple comms channels

⁃ – posters

⁃ – Emails

⁃ – Message of the day

⁃ – Film, intranet, hunts and tips, user guides

⁃ – Tech bars and demos

⁃ Then came the discussion with “security”

⁃ “Microsoft deliver for maximum adoption and not necessarily for maximum security”

Ends with Q&A

Some final closing slides

iPhone beta ios 11.2

Assumes you have a developer account with apple – costs (as of 1-Nov-2017) £79 p.a.

From your target device head to and download the iOS 11.2 profile.

or save to iCloud and access from ‘files’ on you iPhone

Read the release notes, note any concerns! – i.e.

If needed, notes on how to install –

Which Windows 10 version do you run?

Run WinVer.exe to determine your version of Windows 10

Check it against this list

Want to upgrade? – visit here – [update now]

Run the file you just downloaded – Then click [update now]

Quick check to ensure you still meet the minimum requirements – click [next]

Then sit back and relax!

Want a ah hem licence – visit here or

September Microsoft o365 #UKoffice365Club

9.30 10:00 Arrivals and registration

10:00 10:20 Welcome and Introduction

10:20 10:50 Heathrow Airport: “Making digital transformation happen with your people – not to them”

Neil Barnett, Senior Digital Communications Manager, Heathrow Airport, Priscilla Kuehnel, Director of Engagement, MSL Group

10:50 11:00 News from Microsoft Ignite – Kerri Hollis, Microsoft

11:00 11:15 Demo: Microsoft Stream – Dave Trevallion, Microsoft

11:15 11:30 Microsoft Adoption Programs and Resources – Levente Nagy, Microsoft

11:30 12:00 Demo: Modern Intranets – Dave Trevallion, Microsoft

12:00 13:00 Lunch

13:00 13:30 Great Western Railway: “Office 365 – Adoption by design” – Jez Rice, IT Solutions Architect, GWR

13:30 14:00 Demo: Office 365 Adoption Content Pack for PowerBI – Dan Fernandez Cao, Microsoft

14:00 15:00 Adoption and Change Management: Driving Yammer Adoption at Network Rail

Claire Grundy, Head of Internal Communications, Adam Fidler, Enterprise Architect, Katie Stanton, Internal Communications Manager

11th Club meeting since starting 2.5 years ago

Uzma Sattar – Director, Modern Workplace

Business transformation challenges exist

  • How to engage with business development folks
  • It’s more than the technology

10.20 Heathrow

Neil and Priscilla


⁃ Reason for failure

⁃ Genpact quote

⁃ Digital transformation formula

⁃ – technology process people

⁃ “Future work places”

⁃ <neil> Video…

⁃ Priscilla- the brief..

  • Understanding pain points

⁃ Work diary

⁃ Heavy BYOD usage

⁃ <neil>

⁃ Business engagement

⁃ Digital workspace

⁃ Animation to sell the vision

⁃ Martini : any device, any place anywhere. (Where have I heard this before?)

⁃ Digital Mentor

<via Q&A: not new roles, weekly Skype huddles to keep them engaged>

⁃ Hub + (plus)

⁃ SharePoint online

⁃ Idea: pocket guides

⁃ Q&A:

Ignite update:

⁃ Kerry Hollis product manager intelligent communications

⁃ Transformation from unified comms to IC

⁃ Customer feedback

⁃ Simplify

⁃ Bringing together s4b

⁃ What’s changing and not changing

⁃ Microsoft teams (eventually) replacing s4b

⁃ Q&A: why not yammer? (A: Yammer is a “one to many” where the target is not known)

Microsoft stream demo

⁃ Dave, technical specialist

⁃ MS stream, evolution of video

⁃ Employees want to do more but do not have the tools —

⁃ <demo>

⁃ Creates a transcript in real time and in sync – easily to correct

⁃ Add bookmarks and hashtags to the description – language translations

⁃ Includes facial recognition

– match people to parts of the video , select your speakers

⁃ Embed to yammer, teams, sharepoint

⁃ Transition

⁃ Try forms –

⁃ Future deeper integration to LinkedIn


⁃ the adoption lifecycle

⁃ Business stakeholder program

⁃ Drive deployment (fast track)

⁃ re proplus timeline — Oct 2020 – 1) pro-plus 2) MSI (out of main stream support) … you have three years!

⁃ End user champions program

⁃ – open for registration

Back to Dave, capability update

⁃ Sharepoint

– building the modern intranet

⁃ Two distinct types

  • Creating a new site

UK Office 365 Club, London – 1 Dec 2016

Microsoft covered “Skype Broadcast” at the 1-Dec-2016 #UKOffice365Club this showcased how easy it is to add multiple camera feeds/angles, graphic overlays including powerpoint and ‘captioning’ via a ‘Single USB’ connection on the host Skype broadcast device.

The mutiple HDMI feeds was provided by a Roland V-1HD HD Video Switcher and the HDMI to USB connector was a Magewell

This was the overal schematic