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Which Windows 10 version do you run?

Run WinVer.exe to determine your version of Windows 10

Check it against this list

Want to upgrade? – visit here – [update now]

Run the file you just downloaded – Then click [update now]

Quick check to ensure you still meet the minimum requirements – click [next]

Then sit back and relax!

Want a ah hem licence – visit here or

UK Office 365 Club, London – 1 Dec 2016

Microsoft covered “Skype Broadcast” at the 1-Dec-2016 #UKOffice365Club this showcased how easy it is to add multiple camera feeds/angles, graphic overlays including powerpoint and ‘captioning’ via a ‘Single USB’ connection on the host Skype broadcast device.

The mutiple HDMI feeds was provided by a Roland V-1HD HD Video Switcher and the HDMI to USB connector was a Magewell

This was the overal schematic

Bash profile specific ‘on login script’

Edit/Create file

nano ~/.bash_profile

Runs this example script every time you login – handy if you have many SD cards.

Example file contents

echo ''
echo ---------------------------------
echo '| RaspberryPI - Weather Station |'
echo ---------------------------------
echo 'Login: '$USER
echo ''
echo ''

Connecting to a Raspberry Pi via USB/TTL-Serial with Ubuntu Linux

HT –

ls -l /dev/ttyUSB0 #verify device is attached
sudo adduser [the user you want to add] dialout


sudo reboot now


screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200

From Linux (Ubuntu) you can remote forward the x-windows GUI apps

ssh -YC user@ip

then run a gui app, ie: lxpanel, lxsession, wpa_gui