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Microsoft 365, The Mermaid – Wed. 27th Mar. 2019

Microsoft 365 , The Mermaid – Wed. 27th March 2019

Previously attended

Started by Levente Nagy (‘LN’)

⁃ LN is with 12 peers today

⁃ (Office365) Microsoft 365 has been running for ~3.5 years

⁃ 3 customer stories today

⁃ – Tanveer Habib ( BAT)

⁃ – Tom from Siemans Gamesa

⁃ – Hanna Greenfield

⁃ Setup an immersive area, please visit in the breaks.

⁃ – Integrated business applications

⁃ – Cursor immersion experience

⁃ – Live events

⁃ – First line workers

⁃ Email UKreg@Microsoft.Com for Yammer access

⁃ #ukmicrosoft365club tag for social media interaction.


Next up Kerri Hollis broken link but i found it on youtube

Teams launch march 2017

What’s new in teams

Replace your background – make it look like you are in the office when you are at the beach!

White board


Tanveer Habib ( BAT)

Have previous blogged about BAT at the UKMicrosoft365club ( this time it’s on Teams (2 months, 40,000 end users)

Teams migration done within one change window

Ends with Q&A (10.48)

Tom from Siemans Gamesa

Tom talked about how Yammer is very close to 100% adopted, no all employee emails from the MD

/ internal Jobs are posted – allows for questions, or location everyone sees the answer

Had an internal campaign around engagement

Used menti.com

Ends 11.27 with Q&A

Keri back on stage Yammer is very important.

Business value programmes

Manuela – CIE customer immersion experience

⁃ CIE will get you hand on with business scenarios (up to 20)

⁃ Walk through real life scenarios using the latest technologies and applications.

Ends 11.48, break for lunch.

Afternoon session resumes

Avois, Hannah

Business had been around for 30 years

Experimental culture

⁃ Leaders in corporate transformation in 2 years

⁃ Ran an innovation roadshow, message can’t continue as we are.

⁃ – digital disruption was not something that was understood.

⁃ The man drawer by Michael McIntyre – starts 1m.30s []

⁃ Nokia failed to respond to Apple innovation – exposing digital disruption.

⁃ Digital survey – to capture before and after around business disruption caused by digital disruption

⁃ 4 of 5 employees have business improvement ideas but have no way to raise them. / Light the bulb (ideation)


⁃ Small

⁃ Cross functional

⁃ Self organising

⁃ End to end

⁃ Have about 10 product squads

⁃ Autonomy motivates people

⁃ Step for was to find a tool

⁃ – some were already using teams. Lotus of email silos. Laugh at the end of November “no email week”

⁃ Graph shows this to be a step change.

Ends with Q&A

Angela Bos, Journey from Skype for business to teams

-show of hands shows no one running skype have plans to move to teams!…

Teams creates a hub for team work

-resistance is a normal human behaviour that takes time

-Shadow IT,

Organizations are made up of innovators, laggards and everyone in between

-plan, pilot and Deploy both activities together start with a proven framework


Teams demo -exciting new technology coming

@polly for polling (within teams)

Head to

Ye olde Yammer versus teams question.

Yammer is your companies (enterprise) social site.

Teams is collaboration.

You will see overlap (no gaps)

⁃ Not trying to kill off email, just the silos


Next up is Kerri on accessibility

What does a billion represent?

-the total number of people with a disability seen and unseen.

3 areas




A quick look today at our accessibility tools

Windows 10, ease of access

Day ends

#UKMicrosoft365club 11-Sep-2018, Hilton Bankside.

#UKMicrosoft365club 11-Sep-2018, Hilton Bankside.

Missed last one, previously attended 14-Mar club meet up

9.59am – Starts with a Video [Heathrow, Samit Saini]

Levente introduction, Powerpoint overlay with real-time captioning.

Next up Kerri Hollis

  • Share your experiences via the hash tag #UKMicrosoft365club
  • Don’t forget about External Yammer group
  • Agenda (below)


Nick Cottrell [Mitie facilities management group]

Mitie facilities management (starts with a video)

  • Planning and delivery
  • Pilots, Workshops, trading, transformation and lift and shift
  • Had 112 servers
  • Used sharegate
  • Design
    • information architect
  • Governance
  • Self help site
  • Templates
    • GDPR added to templates
  • Migration

Mitie – Communications

Communications (see above)

  • Super user network
  • Migration s two approaches
  • MS fast track and sharegate
  • Private files, team files, archived files, other

Lessons learned

  • review and analyse your servers early
  • Review communications channels
  • Use the fast track service
  • Prepare but don’t over prepare
  • Upgrade the network in advance


  • 700+ spo sites
  • 700+ super users
  • Good bad case studies (see below pciture)

Good bad case studies

Next up, Dan Fernandez Cao & Katie Gifford using the Microsoft whiteboard app.

⁃ Dan and Katie go on the road to demonstrate the new Surface go and collaborate via the whiteboard app

Roland Beverley from BP

West Nile Delta (WND)

Emails (10 tips)

  • Emails (10 tips – see above)
  • Turn off email notifications

  • Chasing people
    • Use planner as the sole action tracker
    • Meet a real need
    • Led by the team
    • Senior sponsorship
    • Prioritise the journey not the findings
    • Fixed timescale
    • Can now good each other to account (even senior leadership)
    • Ended with Q&A

Kerri up next

  • Yammer is 10 years old
  • How to use and new features
  • Digital transformation is about employee empowerment

Live events demo

Live events

Yammer live events using teams (in preview)

live events with Microsoft 365

Break for lunch.

Richard halbert, teams Engineering

  • Staff hub is moving into teams
  • Have a look at powershell (more available via powershell than the GUI)
  • Staff hub becomes teams, staff hub closes (to setup) next year

Linda Parkinson-Hardman [Dorset county council]

  • Business change engagement officer
    • Creating a culture of influence by building a culture of influence
  • Channel shift // transformation
  • What we really want if for them to create their own transformation we cannot do this for them


⁃ Picture missing on Personas, will see if i can add from the shared slide deck.

⁃ Picture missing on plans?, will see if i ca add/update from the shared slide deck.

Beth Hughes on top 10 change points (See my previous blog-posts for Beth content!)

Lev closed the club meeting.

September Microsoft o365 #UKoffice365Club

9.30 10:00 Arrivals and registration

10:00 10:20 Welcome and Introduction

10:20 10:50 Heathrow Airport: “Making digital transformation happen with your people – not to them”

Neil Barnett, Senior Digital Communications Manager, Heathrow Airport, Priscilla Kuehnel, Director of Engagement, MSL Group

10:50 11:00 News from Microsoft Ignite – Kerri Hollis, Microsoft

11:00 11:15 Demo: Microsoft Stream – Dave Trevallion, Microsoft

11:15 11:30 Microsoft Adoption Programs and Resources – Levente Nagy, Microsoft

11:30 12:00 Demo: Modern Intranets – Dave Trevallion, Microsoft

12:00 13:00 Lunch

13:00 13:30 Great Western Railway: “Office 365 – Adoption by design” – Jez Rice, IT Solutions Architect, GWR

13:30 14:00 Demo: Office 365 Adoption Content Pack for PowerBI – Dan Fernandez Cao, Microsoft

14:00 15:00 Adoption and Change Management: Driving Yammer Adoption at Network Rail

Claire Grundy, Head of Internal Communications, Adam Fidler, Enterprise Architect, Katie Stanton, Internal Communications Manager

11th Club meeting since starting 2.5 years ago

Uzma Sattar – Director, Modern Workplace

Business transformation challenges exist

  • How to engage with business development folks
  • It’s more than the technology

10.20 Heathrow

Neil and Priscilla


⁃ Reason for failure

⁃ Genpact quote

⁃ Digital transformation formula

⁃ – technology process people

⁃ “Future work places”

⁃ <neil> Video…

⁃ Priscilla- the brief..

  • Understanding pain points

⁃ Work diary

⁃ Heavy BYOD usage

⁃ <neil>

⁃ Business engagement

⁃ Digital workspace

⁃ Animation to sell the vision

⁃ Martini : any device, any place anywhere. (Where have I heard this before?)

⁃ Digital Mentor

<via Q&A: not new roles, weekly Skype huddles to keep them engaged>

⁃ Hub + (plus)

⁃ SharePoint online

⁃ Idea: pocket guides

⁃ Q&A:

Ignite update:

⁃ Kerry Hollis product manager intelligent communications

⁃ Transformation from unified comms to IC

⁃ Customer feedback

⁃ Simplify

⁃ Bringing together s4b

⁃ What’s changing and not changing

⁃ Microsoft teams (eventually) replacing s4b

⁃ Q&A: why not yammer? (A: Yammer is a “one to many” where the target is not known)

Microsoft stream demo

⁃ Dave, technical specialist

⁃ MS stream, evolution of video

⁃ Employees want to do more but do not have the tools —

⁃ <demo>

⁃ Creates a transcript in real time and in sync – easily to correct

⁃ Add bookmarks and hashtags to the description – language translations

⁃ Includes facial recognition

– match people to parts of the video , select your speakers

⁃ Embed to yammer, teams, sharepoint

⁃ Transition

⁃ Try forms –

⁃ Future deeper integration to LinkedIn


⁃ the adoption lifecycle

⁃ Business stakeholder program

⁃ Drive deployment (fast track)

⁃ re proplus timeline — Oct 2020 – 1) pro-plus 2) MSI (out of main stream support) … you have three years!

⁃ End user champions program

⁃ – open for registration

Back to Dave, capability update

⁃ Sharepoint

– building the modern intranet

⁃ Two distinct types

  • Creating a new site

UK Office 365 Club, London – 1 Dec 2016

Microsoft covered “Skype Broadcast” at the 1-Dec-2016 #UKOffice365Club this showcased how easy it is to add multiple camera feeds/angles, graphic overlays including powerpoint and ‘captioning’ via a ‘Single USB’ connection on the host Skype broadcast device.

The mutiple HDMI feeds was provided by a Roland V-1HD HD Video Switcher and the HDMI to USB connector was a Magewell

This was the overal schematic