Microsoft 365, The Mermaid – Wed. 27th Mar. 2019

Microsoft 365 , The Mermaid – Wed. 27th March 2019

Previously attended

Started by Levente Nagy (‘LN’)

⁃ LN is with 12 peers today

⁃ (Office365) Microsoft 365 has been running for ~3.5 years

⁃ 3 customer stories today

⁃ – Tanveer Habib ( BAT)

⁃ – Tom from Siemans Gamesa

⁃ – Hanna Greenfield

⁃ Setup an immersive area, please visit in the breaks.

⁃ – Integrated business applications

⁃ – Cursor immersion experience

⁃ – Live events

⁃ – First line workers

⁃ Email UKreg@Microsoft.Com for Yammer access

⁃ #ukmicrosoft365club tag for social media interaction.


Next up Kerri Hollis broken link but i found it on youtube

Teams launch march 2017

What’s new in teams

Replace your background – make it look like you are in the office when you are at the beach!

White board


Tanveer Habib ( BAT)

Have previous blogged about BAT at the UKMicrosoft365club ( this time it’s on Teams (2 months, 40,000 end users)

Teams migration done within one change window

Ends with Q&A (10.48)

Tom from Siemans Gamesa

Tom talked about how Yammer is very close to 100% adopted, no all employee emails from the MD

/ internal Jobs are posted – allows for questions, or location everyone sees the answer

Had an internal campaign around engagement

Used menti.com

Ends 11.27 with Q&A

Keri back on stage Yammer is very important.

Business value programmes

Manuela – CIE customer immersion experience

⁃ CIE will get you hand on with business scenarios (up to 20)

⁃ Walk through real life scenarios using the latest technologies and applications.

Ends 11.48, break for lunch.

Afternoon session resumes

Avois, Hannah

Business had been around for 30 years

Experimental culture

⁃ Leaders in corporate transformation in 2 years

⁃ Ran an innovation roadshow, message can’t continue as we are.

⁃ – digital disruption was not something that was understood.

⁃ The man drawer by Michael McIntyre – starts 1m.30s []

⁃ Nokia failed to respond to Apple innovation – exposing digital disruption.

⁃ Digital survey – to capture before and after around business disruption caused by digital disruption

⁃ 4 of 5 employees have business improvement ideas but have no way to raise them. / Light the bulb (ideation)


⁃ Small

⁃ Cross functional

⁃ Self organising

⁃ End to end

⁃ Have about 10 product squads

⁃ Autonomy motivates people

⁃ Step for was to find a tool

⁃ – some were already using teams. Lotus of email silos. Laugh at the end of November “no email week”

⁃ Graph shows this to be a step change.

Ends with Q&A

Angela Bos, Journey from Skype for business to teams

-show of hands shows no one running skype have plans to move to teams!…

Teams creates a hub for team work

-resistance is a normal human behaviour that takes time

-Shadow IT,

Organizations are made up of innovators, laggards and everyone in between

-plan, pilot and Deploy both activities together start with a proven framework


Teams demo -exciting new technology coming

@polly for polling (within teams)

Head to

Ye olde Yammer versus teams question.

Yammer is your companies (enterprise) social site.

Teams is collaboration.

You will see overlap (no gaps)

⁃ Not trying to kill off email, just the silos


Next up is Kerri on accessibility

What does a billion represent?

-the total number of people with a disability seen and unseen.

3 areas




A quick look today at our accessibility tools

Windows 10, ease of access

Day ends