Microsoft 365, The Mermaid – Wed. 27th Mar. 2019

Microsoft 365 , The Mermaid – Wed. 27th March 2019

Previously attended

Started by Levente Nagy (‘LN’)

⁃ LN is with 12 peers today

⁃ (Office365) Microsoft 365 has been running for ~3.5 years

⁃ 3 customer stories today

⁃ – Tanveer Habib ( BAT)

⁃ – Tom from Siemans Gamesa

⁃ – Hanna Greenfield

⁃ Setup an immersive area, please visit in the breaks.

⁃ – Integrated business applications

⁃ – Cursor immersion experience

⁃ – Live events

⁃ – First line workers

⁃ Email UKreg@Microsoft.Com for Yammer access

⁃ #ukmicrosoft365club tag for social media interaction.


Next up Kerri Hollis broken link but i found it on youtube

Teams launch march 2017

What’s new in teams

Replace your background – make it look like you are in the office when you are at the beach!

White board


Tanveer Habib ( BAT)

Have previous blogged about BAT at the UKMicrosoft365club ( this time it’s on Teams (2 months, 40,000 end users)

Teams migration done within one change window

Ends with Q&A (10.48)

Tom from Siemans Gamesa

Tom talked about how Yammer is very close to 100% adopted, no all employee emails from the MD

/ internal Jobs are posted – allows for questions, or location everyone sees the answer

Had an internal campaign around engagement

Used menti.com

Ends 11.27 with Q&A

Keri back on stage Yammer is very important.

Business value programmes

Manuela – CIE customer immersion experience

⁃ CIE will get you hand on with business scenarios (up to 20)

⁃ Walk through real life scenarios using the latest technologies and applications.

Ends 11.48, break for lunch.

Afternoon session resumes

Avois, Hannah

Business had been around for 30 years

Experimental culture

⁃ Leaders in corporate transformation in 2 years

⁃ Ran an innovation roadshow, message can’t continue as we are.

⁃ – digital disruption was not something that was understood.

⁃ The man drawer by Michael McIntyre – starts 1m.30s []

⁃ Nokia failed to respond to Apple innovation – exposing digital disruption.

⁃ Digital survey – to capture before and after around business disruption caused by digital disruption

⁃ 4 of 5 employees have business improvement ideas but have no way to raise them. / Light the bulb (ideation)


⁃ Small

⁃ Cross functional

⁃ Self organising

⁃ End to end

⁃ Have about 10 product squads

⁃ Autonomy motivates people

⁃ Step for was to find a tool

⁃ – some were already using teams. Lotus of email silos. Laugh at the end of November “no email week”

⁃ Graph shows this to be a step change.

Ends with Q&A

Angela Bos, Journey from Skype for business to teams

-show of hands shows no one running skype have plans to move to teams!…

Teams creates a hub for team work

-resistance is a normal human behaviour that takes time

-Shadow IT,

Organizations are made up of innovators, laggards and everyone in between

-plan, pilot and Deploy both activities together start with a proven framework


Teams demo -exciting new technology coming

@polly for polling (within teams)

Head to

Ye olde Yammer versus teams question.

Yammer is your companies (enterprise) social site.

Teams is collaboration.

You will see overlap (no gaps)

⁃ Not trying to kill off email, just the silos


Next up is Kerri on accessibility

What does a billion represent?

-the total number of people with a disability seen and unseen.

3 areas




A quick look today at our accessibility tools

Windows 10, ease of access

Day ends

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Admin role-based exam prep: MS-100 Identity & Services

PC Caffeine

save this as a vbs – runs until you end via taskman or restart…

set wsc = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WScript.Sleep (60*1000)
wsc.SendKeys ("{SCROLLLOCK 2}")

#UKMicrosoft365club 11-Sep-2018, Hilton Bankside.

#UKMicrosoft365club 11-Sep-2018, Hilton Bankside.

Missed last one, previously attended 14-Mar club meet up

9.59am – Starts with a Video [Heathrow, Samit Saini]

Levente introduction, Powerpoint overlay with real-time captioning.

Next up Kerri Hollis

  • Share your experiences via the hash tag #UKMicrosoft365club
  • Don’t forget about External Yammer group
  • Agenda (below)


Nick Cottrell [Mitie facilities management group]

Mitie facilities management (starts with a video)

  • Planning and delivery
  • Pilots, Workshops, trading, transformation and lift and shift
  • Had 112 servers
  • Used sharegate
  • Design
    • information architect
  • Governance
  • Self help site
  • Templates
    • GDPR added to templates
  • Migration

Mitie – Communications

Communications (see above)

  • Super user network
  • Migration s two approaches
  • MS fast track and sharegate
  • Private files, team files, archived files, other

Lessons learned

  • review and analyse your servers early
  • Review communications channels
  • Use the fast track service
  • Prepare but don’t over prepare
  • Upgrade the network in advance


  • 700+ spo sites
  • 700+ super users
  • Good bad case studies (see below pciture)

Good bad case studies

Next up, Dan Fernandez Cao & Katie Gifford using the Microsoft whiteboard app.

⁃ Dan and Katie go on the road to demonstrate the new Surface go and collaborate via the whiteboard app

Roland Beverley from BP

West Nile Delta (WND)

Emails (10 tips)

  • Emails (10 tips – see above)
  • Turn off email notifications

  • Chasing people
    • Use planner as the sole action tracker
    • Meet a real need
    • Led by the team
    • Senior sponsorship
    • Prioritise the journey not the findings
    • Fixed timescale
    • Can now good each other to account (even senior leadership)
    • Ended with Q&A

Kerri up next

  • Yammer is 10 years old
  • How to use and new features
  • Digital transformation is about employee empowerment

Live events demo

Live events

Yammer live events using teams (in preview)

live events with Microsoft 365

Break for lunch.

Richard halbert, teams Engineering

  • Staff hub is moving into teams
  • Have a look at powershell (more available via powershell than the GUI)
  • Staff hub becomes teams, staff hub closes (to setup) next year

Linda Parkinson-Hardman [Dorset county council]

  • Business change engagement officer
    • Creating a culture of influence by building a culture of influence
  • Channel shift // transformation
  • What we really want if for them to create their own transformation we cannot do this for them


⁃ Picture missing on Personas, will see if i can add from the shared slide deck.

⁃ Picture missing on plans?, will see if i ca add/update from the shared slide deck.

Beth Hughes on top 10 change points (See my previous blog-posts for Beth content!)

Lev closed the club meeting.

o365 offical blog and product improvements (via

A good blog/site for details on the monthly youtube video –

But also this article has the specific product suggestion pages

Topic Link
Business Center
Office 365
Office 365 Groups
Power BI
Skype for Business

UK Microsoft 365 club – 14Mar2018

#UKMicrosoft365club14Mar2018 @ etc.venues – Westminster Bridge – County Hall

[Last event i attended was in September 2017]

Host Levente Nagy/Microsoft

Reminder from Levente – If you do not have access to the dedicated Yammer group, email

Before we started Brett encouraged us to download a couple of apps to be introduced after lunch

Levente started with digital transformation 

⁃ Covering trends in the workplace, worker styles and employees moving from routine to creativity

⁃ Microsoft 365 – unlocks creativity, built for teamwork, integrated for simplicity and intelligent security.


First up was Dinesh from BAT, responsible for IT in E.M.E.A.

⁃ (About us)

⁃ Worked with Marketing (message) and introduced self-serve (empowering users)…

⁃ Every user upgraded themselves

⁃ Driving user adoption 

⁃ Includes “top 5 productivity hacks” (think tips, trips and traps)

⁃ Perfect role for Graduates, right skills, excellent all round experience.

⁃ “Users have gone crazy for PowerBI”

⁃ Gamification- could add “badges” to profiles etc 

⁃ Microsoft stream has been useful

⁃ Success – bill of materials 

⁃ Session ended with a Q&A

10.46 – Beth MD (Behavioral Architect)

⁃ Beth offered some clarity that sharepoint (used to share) onedrive (used for own)

⁃ Some troublesome facts 

  • Behavior change is discretionary
  • it’s not about I.t.
  • Adoption takes time!

11.15 – National Grid (Susan Shaw and Ian Balfour)

– meet National Grid 

⁃ Started with a vision statement, drove conversation about how to use these new tools

⁃ Project sponsored by CIDO…

⁃ 24 new office 365 champions identified to drive change (220+) engaged in workshop – build adoption change network

⁃ where do you see the greatest challenge for introducing new ways of working…

⁃ 4 key behavioral changes 

⁃ Linked adoption to the business excellence/ efficiency teams to help drive business take up.

⁃ (Ian Business change person)

⁃ 6 sigma (downtime) what is lean? MUDA

⁃ So what…

⁃ Lessons learned

⁃ Exploit, adoption, no silver bullet, not possible without top down

⁃ Does not end – evergreen

⁃ 11.20 – Q&A

⁃ 11.30 – Microsoft 365 demo

⁃ (Including capability update & demos)

⁃ <Dan> demonstrated a day in the life of Megan – who had accidentally deleted some files…

⁃ Onedrive – self-serve file restore

⁃ Spam – Microsoft global security…

⁃ 12.00 – Astra Zeneca and teams

⁃ Rachel Calthorpe – IT Apprenticeship

⁃ Collaboration team

⁃ Simplification theme

⁃ Business drivers

⁃ – lots of emails cc’d

⁃ Documents/files and tools all over the place

⁃ Mobile – something reliable, secure and quick to use – connecting the right people instantly.

⁃ Leveraging Microsoft fastrack service

⁃ If it’s in teams – will respond there and not via email, all need to be in it…

Product manager for teams – Kerri Hollis

⁃ We just won and award .. new features (enterprise connect – watch on demand later) 

⁃ Enterprise voice for the cloud 

⁃ Customer success kit…

⁃ Resources…

13.30 – accessibility in Microsoft365 with Brett Johnson – TSD, Accessibility in Modern workplace

⁃ Soundscape, seeing AI

⁃ Accessibility 

⁃ Introduction to Windows 10 contrast controls 

⁃ – Win +<CTRL>+C

⁃ PowerPoint inserting pictures, shows design ideas and provides <alt text>

⁃ MS Word, settings, proofing, gramma

⁃ View menu then “learning tools”

⁃ Onenote, learning tools – add-in

⁃ Translate

⁃ Demo followed where we used the translator app which processed showed in real-time a translation into the language of your choice.

14.00 – engie

⁃ Jonathan and Brian (business customers, knowledge management)

⁃ Critical success factors 

⁃ Executive support & charter 

⁃ Knowledge managers and adoption champions (more technical)

⁃ Success stories (idea to use drone in chimney assessments, asset h/w spare parts, executive realization)

⁃ Individual recognition and reward drives behavior change.

⁃ Specific Yammer o365 support groups for each Microsoft application/production – mainly supported by business users and not I.T.

⁃ Lessons learned 

⁃ When & what to use 

⁃ CSF 

⁃ 14.12 – Q&A

15.00 – M.O.J. (⁃ Peter Hanney – lead EUCS architect)

⁃ Focus on the how

⁃ 4 strategic priorities (see slide…)

⁃ End User Computing Solutions = ppa- personal productivity apps

⁃ Cookie cutter approach

⁃ Comms message, general awareness communication, branded message

⁃ Multiple comms channels

⁃ – posters

⁃ – Emails

⁃ – Message of the day

⁃ – Film, intranet, hunts and tips, user guides

⁃ – Tech bars and demos

⁃ Then came the discussion with “security”

⁃ “Microsoft deliver for maximum adoption and not necessarily for maximum security”

Ends with Q&A

Some final closing slides

iPhone beta ios 11.2

Assumes you have a developer account with apple – costs (as of 1-Nov-2017) £79 p.a.

From your target device head to and download the iOS 11.2 profile.

or save to iCloud and access from ‘files’ on you iPhone

Read the release notes, note any concerns! – i.e.

If needed, notes on how to install –

Which Windows 10 version do you run?

Run WinVer.exe to determine your version of Windows 10

Check it against this list

Want to upgrade? – visit here – [update now]

Run the file you just downloaded – Then click [update now]

Quick check to ensure you still meet the minimum requirements – click [next]

Then sit back and relax!

Want a ah hem licence – visit here or