pi-hole.net –

…”Pi-hole® is a DNS sinkhole that protects your devices from unwanted content, without installing any client-side software.”

I configured pi-hole to use OpenDNS (now part of Cisco) to benefit from Umbrella protection.

So when testing via welcome.opendns.com you should see a nice tick!

If you want additional confidence run a test via dnsleaktest.com if using opendns you should just see opendns servers.

my iPhone had also picked up the hub/router via ipv6 so i manually configured DNS against the current wifi connection to point to the IPV4 – pi-hole address and removed the ipv6 dns entry.

I set this up on a Raspberry pi – with just a one-line install with the rest (of the configuration) being from the Web Admin UI

Initially i manually pointed my clients to the IP address of the raspberry pi, but once i had made reservations for all the iot devices that really should have a fixed/static IP address I turned on DHCP on the rpi and turn off DHCP on the home router.

You can chose additional block-lists via firebog.net

And now to consider squid proxy/privoxy etc to get to the next level.